X3 Cart Plugin

X3 Pro

The X3 cart plugin allows users to select images for ordering or download. Orders gets sent to the website-owners email, who in turn can use the order to provide a service like proofing, retouching, prints, or sending physical items based on the selection. The X3 cart plugin can be enabled and configured globally from Settings › Plugins › Cart or on a per-page basis from page Settings › Plugins › Cart.

For convenience, all sample pages use the same gallery images.

Global cart

By default, the cart is global, which means that items selected on each page will combine and remain in the cart on all pages. This is how most carts work, allowing the user to select items from multiple galleries, before ordering or downloading. This also means the global cart will remain available on pages where the cart is disabled (for selection) and on pages without galleries.

Page cart

When page cart is enabled, the cart will become unique for each page. Images selected on each page, will only remain in the cart for the page where they are selected. Once you navigate away from the page, the cart will update and revert to global cart or a page cart for the new page. * If you are only going to use unique page carts, you should probably assign this from global settings.

Although you can use both global and page carts on the same X3 website, you should plan accordingly. Additionally, you may find the hide cart option useful to toggle cart visibility when disabled.

Show orders in panel

One of the first things you may want to do if you are accepting orders, is to enable [Show cart orders in panel menu]. This creates an [ORDERS] button in the control panel topbar, which allows you to view and manage orders from the X3 control panel.

Cart button in menu

If you are using a global cart, you may want to include a cart button in the main menu (like in this website). Create a new folder navigate to the new page Settings › Menu › Menu CSS classes, and assign class name menu-cart-toggle. If you want to use the cart icon, go to page Settings › Page › Menu label and assign:

Cart gallery layouts

The cart works for all gallery layouts except slideshow, but not all layouts are equally effective for cart selection. Head on over to layouts for some layout suggestions for the cart.